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3D Design Build Process

Design-Build is a service that eliminates many of the hassles associated with a typical large remodeling project. With the Design-Build process, the company that does the design is the same company that installs the work. This process allows better communication between everyone involved.

The traditional process of building and remodeling included finding an architect/designer, creating a design, and then finding a contractor. This tedious process involves a lot of back-and-forth between all parties involved and usually results in compromising on either budget or design preferences.

Bel Air Construction’s Design-Build process achieves continuity with the design and construction stages. From the beginning, your project will be uniquely designed for your specific needs, preferences, and budget. You can have peace of mind knowing that your room will be exactly what you imagined. State-of-the-art design tools such as CAD renderings help you visualize your project before the work begins. The 3D renderings help you “see” exactly how your project will look, and the visual aid helps you decide which colors, styles, and products best fit with your vision.

How you benefit from the 3D Design-Build Process

  • You have the ability to visualize your finished project through computer-generated images even before the project starts
  • You are able to see multiple budget and design options throughout the planning stages.
  • You are an active participant in the process.
  • You experience clear communication through the entire process of the project from design and planning through construction
  • You have peace of mind that your finished project will be what you imagined because of the team working with you from start to finish