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Major Renovations


At some point, many homeowners face the decision, “Do we stay and renovate or move to a new house?” Perhaps they have outgrown their existing home. Or maybe they would like to enjoy features that they do not currently have such as an open spacious kitchen or an outdoor living space.

Sometimes, moving to a new home seems like the easiest way to get the space and the rooms that you would like. However, as many homeowners face the stay-or-move decision, they realize that they have created valuable memories in their current homes. Furthermore, while remodeling is expensive, sometimes a move can be even more expensive. At this point, a major home renovation can be a positive solution – the homeowners gets to stay in their current home while designing unique renovations made just for them.

A large home improvement product can dramatically enhance your life, but it can also be stressful to go through the renovation process. Many homeowners choose to live in their homes throughout the renovation process. Having designers and carpenters in your home can be stressful even when those specialists are considerate and hard-working. Therefore, selecting a good remodeling company is essential to having a successful home improvement experience.

A good remodeling company will have a proven process to ensure that planning and building are executed in a timely manner with attention to detail. As with every type of home improvement project, planning is crucial. Bel Air Construction’s design team works with you to create rooms and spaces for your family’s unique needs. As a result, Bel Air Construction will transform your existing home into your dream home.