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Design sense enhances curb appeal

Customer Issues
  • The homeowners self-described their home as the ugliest in the neighborhood, in fact when they gave visitors directions, they said turn on the street and come to the ugliest house
  • They knew something needed to be done to improve the curb appeal of their home
Bel Air Construction Solutions
  • The Bel Air Construction accomplished the task by applying some basic design principles to the project
  • Our 3D Design Build Process was used to show the homeowners how the finished project would look
  • Recognizing that the entrance to a home should be announced, not hidden, the previously narrow opening to the porch was widened to lead the way to the front door
  • The entrance was further announced by adding a pediment over the widened entrance
  • The porch itself was enhanced by adding more substantial columns with Victorian accents and railings
  • To visually balance the second floor the windows were replaced with ones that better fit the scale of the house, in the process several window openings were resized, and a window added
  • The dominance of the garage door was reduced by placing a pediment, echoing the one on the lower roof, on the second story roof above the garage door to draw the eye up
  • Additional work included residing the front of the house and painting the garage door, entrance door and shutters to match