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Front Porch Completes Remodeling Projects Bucket List


Customer Issues

  • This home is on a magnificent and beautiful lot on the edge of a park and conveniently located, the homeowners have decided to stay in their home and invest in remodeling
  • The house was built in the 1950s and has several renovations made to it including a second-floor addition completed by Bel Air Construction
  • During the second-floor addition project the entryway of the home was enhanced with the addition of a gabled canopy over the existing front step
  • This latest project was a bucket list item for the homeowner — to have a front porch
  • It also served to solve a recurring water issue, and eliminated maintenance related with brick steps

Bel Air Construction Solutions [how Bel Air Construction Addressed the customer issue]

  • Using our 3D Design/Build process the Bel Air Construction team presented several concepts using different materials
  • During the design review process there was some mixing and matching done among the proposed designs that resulted in the final design
  • What was previously a concrete pad with brick steps is now a true front porch nearly triple in length compared to what previously existed
  • The design features a low maintenance stamped concrete pad with matching step
  • A complementary veneer of stacked stone skirts the porch
  • The gabled canopy is retained to announce the entrance to the home

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